Tell Your Inner Critic to Suck It!

I’m struggling. My autoimmune thyroid disease is flaring. I’m tired and unorganized. I’m lacking motivation. I feel like I’m spinning out and everything is a push. I’m my own worst critic. I need words of encouragement; a way to turn that negative voice in my head around and not give it space to grow. 

I know I’m not the only one who struggles with this. We all struggle with our inner critic; that voice that tells us we’re not good enough. Not strong enough. Not fast enough. Not skinny enough. Not pretty enough. Not smart enough. Not enough. 

How do we turn that around? How do we not listen to all the negative, letting it fester in our soul? It stops us from doing things, from doing epic things. It stops us from dreaming big and getting out there and killing it. It stops us. It renders us incapable of forward motion. It can leave us in a heap. But it’s all lies. It. Is. All. Lies.

You are good enough. As you are. Whatever stage of life you are in. Whatever you are doing with your life, at this moment, you are good enough. You deserve all the things. Every good thing life has to offer, you deserve it. 

You are strong enough. You have weathered all your storms and you are still standing. You are out in the world trying to crush your goals. You are signing up for races, even after DNFs. You are conquering your scariest race course one step at a time. You are doing it, even though you’re terrified. That is strength. You are strong.

You are fast enough. Your time doesn’t dictate your level of badassery. What matters is your personal best. Did you leave it all out on the racecourse? Did you put one foot in front of the other and get it done? That is what matters.

Your size does not dictate your belonging, your right to be out on that course. Conquering your demons and slaying your dragons. That is what the racecourse is for. A place where women of every size, shape and ability can achieve greatness. Never let your size keep you off the course, you deserve to be there just as much as anyone else.

You are beautiful. With your messy bun and a kid hanging off each hip; getting your training done in 20-year-old sweats while pushing a stroller down that pathway. Without a stitch of makeup on your face and your favourite trucker hat on, pushing through that last kilometre; sweat pouring down your face and exhaustion written on your every line. You. Are. Beautiful.

You are brilliant. Maybe you know how to take a motor apart and put it back together. Maybe you have a stellar sense of direction and never get lost on the trail. Maybe you are witty and make everyone laugh. Maybe you are a writer and give people the feels. Maybe you can solve math in your head and never need a calculator or a piece of scrap paper. Maybe you know all the Jeopardy answers and are full of weird facts. Maybe you know every type of plant and what it is used for. Whatever your strength, that is what makes you smart. 

You are enough. Just by being you. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You don’t have to have visible contributions to the world to contribute. You have made someone’s life better. Just by being in it. You are amazing.

So dream big. 

Dream enormous. 

Dream impossible. 

Dig in and don’t let fear stop you. 

You are remarkable and epic and you are going to crush this year.

Tell Your Inner Critic to Suck It!
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