Food Is Fuel

New year, new you! Lose that weight! Find happiness (in a skinnier body). Remember the only thing holding you back, is you! 


Ugh. This time of year drives me bonkers. Weight loss talk is everywhere. Diet culture is in full swing. My Facebook feed is inundated with ads. And I have shut each one off, one by one. I don’t want to see it in my news feed. I really don’t want to see it anywhere! It sends a message that none of us need to hear. I promise, not one of us needs this messaging. 


It creates eating disorders and low self-esteem. It creates a world where people are focused on weight and size. Where larger-sized people are judged and treated differently. Treated as ‘less than’. Doctors give subpar care and blame all the person’s health issues on weight (I won’t send in the requisition for your surgery until you lose 20 pounds. That health problem is because you are overweight. I can’t help you if you won’t help yourself). Family and friends talk about loved one’s weight and size when they aren’t around and often even when they are there (She’s put on quite a bit of weight. Do you really need that second helping? I’m worried about how unhealthy you’re looking.). It’s all hidden behind words like health to make it seem like we aren’t fat shaming – we’re only concerned about your “health”. It needs to end. It needs to become unacceptable.


Food is not something that should be religiously policed. We shouldn’t have a negative relationship with food. Food is fuel. Say it with me. FOOD IS FUEL!


Food is not something we should avoid and it is not a moral equivalent. A person who only eats whole foods is not superior to a person who eats McDonalds weekly. Should we eat burgers and fries every day? Probably not if we are wanting to do anything endurance wise, but it doesn’t mean we can’t still go for a burger and a beer. And if someone does choose to eat whatever they want, whenever they want, it isn’t open for comment. 


And so what if someone is a larger size? Or, gasp, even fat. What does it matter? Does it automatically mean they are unhealthy? NO! Does it make them less of an athlete? Absolutely not. Does it mean we have a right to talk about their body? That’s a hard no.


So instead of worrying about our size and always trying to lose that last 5 pounds, why not work on our relationship with food? Find a healthy balance and fuel our epic adventures!


That is all. End of rant. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

Food Is Fuel
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