Here Wo Go!

It’s that time of year again. Reflection on the year past and epic goal setting for the year ahead. I’m not one to reflect too harshly on my previous year because, well shit happens, and I hate feeling like I didn’t meet goals or didn’t somehow live up to whatever potential I thought I had in December of last year. This year feels different though. This year has been chock full of craziness, firsts, met goals, forgotten goals and general shenanigans. I’m feeling full of potential and am ready to take 2020 by storm.

As many of you know, I have been really struggling with health issues and at one point we were looking at some pretty serious illnesses. Lifelong illnesses. Scary stuff. But then everything changed. My doctor, in his infinite wisdom, forced me to stop taking the birth control pill and scheduled me for a total hysterectomy. He was worried about my stroke risk (because of my symptoms) and I was worried about all my issues surrounding my uterus flaring up and making my life miserable. It was with great trepidation I went off that magical little pill that kept all my fibroid/endometriosis/adenomyosis issues at bay but my surgery was scheduled for four months later and we had a pain management plan in place to get me there. Low and behold within two months of going off the pill, I started to feel better. Like a lot better. By the time my surgery rolled around, I was feeling 80% better. And now that I am on the other side of my surgery and almost fully healed, I am 90% better. I am feeling, dare I say, healthy. It is a little surreal. But I am grateful.

Along with my new found lease on life, comes an excitement to discover what my body is now capable of! I know I’ll never be an elite athlete (I’m far too undisciplined for that) but I think I could be a solid age grouper. Seriously. Me. Who woulda thought??

I’m neck deep in inspirational stories of women out there killing it. Doing their thing and being amazing and all kinds of badass. Making waves and changing minds. My favourite moment of this year was when Ironman asked Lucy Charles-Barclay what she had to say to the men and her only words were “I’m coming for you”. Epic. She is oh so cocky. I love it.

Another changemaker, Mirna Valerio is out there killing it on the trails and being unabashedly herself. She is proving size doesn’t dictate your fitness.  That you can be any size and be an athlete. A big, bold, brash athlete. It’s inspiring.

And of course all you women out there, doing your thing. Crushing your goals and living #BeastMode everyday. It is the normal, everyday women that inspire me. The ones struggling with health issues, raising families, divorce, or an empty nest. The ones who push through without a cheerleading section and without a coach. You. This magazine is about you. All you amazing women who inspire me. Let’s kick 2020’s ass!

Here Wo Go!
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